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1001 Medical Association

Who we are

1001 Medical Association was founded on the belief that all patients deserve the highest quality care from experienced, passionate and dedicated nurses.

Our team of medical professionals draw on their extensive training and background in the field of psychiatry to assist our patients in finding solutions to their behavioral and mental health concerns.

What we do

With more than 13 years of experience in psychiatric care, Community Behavioral MedicalServices specializes in all forms of health care including inpatient, residential, community and private practice.

Our goal is to promote physical, mental and psychosocial wellness to those patients under our care. Our assessment begins with an initial visit, either in the home or residential care facility setting to gain a thorough understanding of our patient’s surroundings and routines, identify safety issues and concerns, and meet with other family members or caregivers.

We then create a customized wellness plan to meet each patient’s specific needs, which includes education and direct care, as well as supportive assistance to family members. Our nurses are experienced in the team approach to client care, and provide coordination of care between all health care providers.

Our home health care services are available in the following settings:

  • The patient’s residence
  • A guest home
  • A retirement residence
  • A residential care facility
  • A group home

There is no cost to the facility where the patient resides for our services. Since we bill the patient or Medicare directly, we are a cost-effective alternative to meeting the medical needs of clients in a group home setting.

Our policies

We accept patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—either through physician-referral or self-referral.

We are accept both Medicare and Medicaid as well as self-pay patients.

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